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Local home improvements in your neighborhood

There are a lot of great how-to sites out there, but is about what local home improvement projects you and your neighbors have actually done.  The purpose of the site is

  • to show home improvements that have added beauty and value to your home and to your neighborhood;
  • to avoid pitfalls to the common home improvement projects in your particular, local neighborhood; and
  • to understand what home improvement projects add the most value for your neighborhood.

To get started

Click on the Blog or one of the individual, recent posts to the right. Many of them are specific, real projects that were done. Those posts frequently include a section on mistakes made, to try to help you avoid them if you do a similar project.

Also, please take a moment to leave a comment. Did you do a similar project, but tackle it differently? Did you do it yourself or hire it out?  If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?

Coming Attractions

As this site develops, you will be able to pick your neighborhood and check out what your neighbors have done or plan to do to improve their homes.  Then, share your stories and your photos along with any advice you can offer your neighbors.

Along the way,there will be articles and checklists posted by local real estate professionals on what local home improvement projects drive value, what projects you are really just doing for yourself, and what projects to avoid.