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iGrill 2, probe thermometer for grilling, smoking

iGrill 2 – Best Probe Thermometer for Grilling or the Oven

Weber iGrill2 is the Best Probe Thermometer I've Used

It was a long time ago, way before the Weber iGrill2 came along, when I first heard about probe thermometers. It was on Alton Brown's cooking show, "Good Eats", when he recommended probe thermometers. I've been using them ever since, and I've been through lots of them, expensive ones, cheap ones, and even remote control ones. But the best one I've had so far has been and continues to be the iGrill2. I've been personally using it for over a year. It's a great Bluetooth probe thermometer for grilling, smoking, or even roasting or baking in your oven. I use it all the time, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. 

iGrill 2 with 3 meat probes + 1 ambient probe

Key features of iGrill 2 I really like

  • Sturdy & accurate probes
  • Use up to 4 probes at once
  • Swivel magnetic base unit to read easily on horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Easy to clean and store

Looking for a less-expensive alternative?

  • Same base unit 
  • CAPACITY for 4 probes
  • But only comes w/ 2 meat probes

iGrill2: Bluetooth Remote Probe Thermometer that Works Great

One of the best things about the iGrill2 is that you can dial in the temperature to a specific number.  Some probe thermometers I've used, only let you pick the type and doneness of the meat. That's just not enough control. I mean you've got to get back to the grill, maybe find another, clean plate to put the done meat on.  Plus, you have to let your meat rest and come up to the finished temperature. If you're locked in to some manufacturer's preset temperature, you're going to end up with overcooked meat!  So, first, the iGrill2 let's you set the temperature to whatever you want.  You're not locked in to someone else's idea of what temperature is medium rare.  

Multiple Thermometer Probes at Once!

You can plug in up to 4 probes at once. Typically, you can buy an iGrill2 package with one or more probes. I bought the iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 3 Pro Meat Probes & 1 Ambient Pro Probe. That was back in July, 2017. All of the probes and the base unit are still working great, and based on a quick search on Amazon using Honey, it looks like this particular iGrill2 combo is still the least expensive of the 4-probe combos as of this writing.    

iGrill2 Thermometer Probes are Accurate and Sturdy

The iGrill2 probes have proven accurate and very sturdy. While many other probe thermometer's probes have failed, the iGrill2 probes have held up for over a year without a problem. They just work, and they're pretty easy to store. They each come with their own cord storage. You can clip in the probe and wrap the cord around the storage thing. Then, if you have multiple probes, you can actually clip all the storage pieces together, so all you probes can be neatly put away, and the cords don't "wind up" running all over your kitchen drawers or kitchen cabinets.

I Highly Recommend iGrill 2

I highly recommend the Weber iGrill 2, whether you're buying it for yourself or as a gift for your favorite cook or grill master.

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