Electrocution accidents

Avoid Electrical Code Violations

A while back, I posted about how I vented my microwave through an exterior wall. One of our readers asked whether the way I did it was “up to code”. It was, but I had forgotten to include in my post a photo of the duct work piece that showed that it was. Meeting code for duct work is important, but meeting code for electrical work may be even more important.

Recent Article on Common Electrical Code Violations

The December/January 2012 issue of The Family Handyman magazine has an excellent article, entitled

“The 8 Most Common Electrical Code Violations”.

The article lists those 8 code violations along with lots of helpful additional points on both electrical installation and repairs. A couple of areas the article addresses include

  • selecting the correct type of circuit breakers
  • using tamper-resistant receptacles (for installation and replacements)
  • installing flat weather-resistant receptacle covers for outside or wet or damp locations.

If you subscribe to The Family Handyman, you should be able to read the article on line.  If not, you should pick up a copy of the December/January 2012 issue.

Electrical Accidents Can Be Fatal

Complying with the electrical code helps reduce fires and electrical accidents.  An electrical burn can cause much more serious injury than a fire burn.  And electrocution accidents happen all the time, not just to electricians or folks working on home electrical projects, but also to people working on other projects.  Frequent victims are

  • landscapers
  • heavy equipment operators on construction sites
  • anyone using an aluminum ladder outside near power lines.

For more electrical accident resources that my own Dad has put together, you should click here.


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