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Sewer cleanout with box lid open, showing gravel

Underground Your Sewer Cleanout!

Sewer Cleanout Critical but in the Way

A sewer cleanout is a sewer pipe that gives you access to your home's sewer line. Should a backup occur, getting to a sewer cleanout quickly can save you money and reduce the damage from an overflow inside your house. So, it's critical for maintaining your connection to your sewer system.

To make sure they are easily accessible, sometimes a builder will install a sewer cleanout above grade. Sometimes that's because of a local law on how high above ground a sewer cleanout has to be.

But a sewer cleanout that is above ground has its own set of problems. Luckily, I've found a pretty easy and cheap solution.

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Vent Your Microwave Outside

Vent Microwave to Outside - Frigidaire Gallery microwave oven mounted above oven and vented through outside wall

Vent Microwave Exhaust Fan to Outside

I like to cook. So, one small home improvement that has improved my life a lot has been venting the over-the-range microwave fan through the exterior wall. The tools and parts were pretty cheap. (I already had a stud finder, and the microwave exhaust duct was not expensive, but links for both are below.) Plus, this project was fairly simple, and and it has really cut down on the smoke and odor in the kitchen and in the whole house.

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Home Improvement: Front yard landscaping after landscape plan - After

Know your Home Improvement ROI

Home improvement cost and value is important. Which home renovation projects are you and your neighbors doing that will increase your property values? How much will that home improvement cost? How to decide which home improvement project to do next?

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