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Learn to Roomba

I hate vacuuming. So, a couple years ago, I bought a Roomba vacuum cleaner from Costco as a Christmas present to myself.  This robot vacuum has been a huge upgrade for our home. 

I recently bought an iRobot Braava Jet and I love it. My 3 year old calls it the "Robot Mop". I decided to review it here for

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Vent Your Microwave Outside

Vent Microwave to Outside - Frigidaire Gallery microwave oven mounted above oven and vented through outside wall

Vent Microwave Exhaust Fan to Outside

I like to cook. So, one small home improvement that has improved my life a lot has been venting the over-the-range microwave fan through the exterior wall. The tools and parts were pretty cheap. (I already had a stud finder, and the microwave exhaust duct was not expensive, but links for both are below.) Plus, this project was fairly simple, and and it has really cut down on the smoke and odor in the kitchen and in the whole house.

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