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"Last Kids on Earth" Books are Cool!

I just finished reading the book, "Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade". It's all about these 4 kids named Jack, June, Dirk, and Quint, and they have many adventures with all kinds of monsters and zombies, some good, some bad.


One of Their Adventures With A Monster

At one point, they are fighting the "Wormongulous" (a big monster that looks like a worm), and they are saved by a different monster named Thrull. Then later they realize Thrull is a servant for the destructor of worlds. They then find another monster that is truly on their team and find a way to make the wormongulous on their team to defeat Thrull together. i liked this book because of all the cool action and interesting monsters.

Why I Liked The Monsters

I mostly liked the monsters the best. They were really cool looking even though I do like the action. In my opinion I think the interesting monsters take first place. One example is Blarg, a monster they defeated to then realize they had defeated one of the most intense monsters of them all.

Why I Liked The Action

The second most thing I liked in this book was the action. I liked this the second most because it has a ton of explosions and much more. For example, at the end when they are fighting the destructor of worlds, there's cool action, like they spray Weed be Gon on "vine thingies" to help them defeat Thrull.

"Last Kids on Earth" checked out from library

Where to Find "Last Kids on Earth" Books

Again, I really like this book because of all the interesting monsters and the cool action. It is a really good book, and I enjoyed it a lot. You may be able to check this book out at your public library as an e-book. You can also find it on Amazon by clicking the link below.

The Last Kids on Earth: The Monster Box

  • Includes first 3 books in the series
  • Lots of black & white illustrations
  • Full of cool inventions & all sorts of monsters!

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