Great Indoor Toys and Games for Kids!

Plush sports balls make GREAT indoor toys for kids

Kids and Parents Love these Indoor Games and Toys

Looking for a gift for kids stuck at home? Need something for kids stuck inside at the beach house or mountain cabin. Maybe you just want something for kids to do on a rainy day without breaking anything inside. Maybe you're looking for great gifts for friends with kids. These are some of the best indoor toys and games we've found and actually given as gifts.


Plush sports balls make great indoor toys for kids!

Plush Sports Balls for INDOOR PLAY!

Kids LOVE plush sports balls! And parents love 'em too! They're GREAT as housewarming gifts or Christmas gifts for your friends with kids! Kids can kick the soccer ball or throw the football all over the house and NOTHING gets broken. (At least not very much. LOL) Kids get to exercise and burn off all that energy from being stuck in the house or sitting in front of the gaming PC or YouTube for way too long. These are a HUGE WIN for kids and parents! If you don't have any, you DESERVE to get some.

Melissa & Doug Plush Sports Balls 

  • Kids and parents LOVE this gift!
  • Gets kids of different ages to PLAY TOGETHER!
  • Great for indoor play and EXERCISE!
  • Comes with a mesh bag - encourages kids to pick up their toys!
Great toys for kids stuck indoors

Foam Stunt Planes!

This Stunt Squadron is another winner for kids and their parents! Kids get to design these 5 different colored planes with stickers and markers that come in the package. Then, they can fly them INDOORS and OUT! Crash into the TV? No problem. They're lightweight and made of foam. Plus, "secret time?" the more gently you launch them, the better they fly! Again, a gift we've actually given that EVERYBODY LOVES! 

Great gift for kids stuck indoors!

Creativity for Kids Stunt Squadron Craft Kit - Create 5 Foam Planes

  • Kids and parents LOVE this gift, too!
  • Gets kids of different ages to PLAY TOGETHER!
  • Great for indoor play and EXERCISE! (Gentle flying works even better!)
  • Kids can customize their planes with included stickers and markers!
Ping Pong on dining room table.

Portable Ping Pong Set

This portable table tennis set is another winner! It comes with a retractable net that clamps onto most tables, plus two ping pong paddles and four ping pong balls. Clamp it to your dining room table and you're good to go! It's a lot of fun. Plus, like the plush sports balls and the foam stunt planes, it's almost impossible to do any damage while playing indoors with this portable ping pong set! It's kid-tested and parent-approved!

All-in-ONE Portable Ping Pong Set -Table Tennis Set with Retractable Net

  • Use it on your dining room table. (Mom and Dad won't mind!)
  • Retractable net
  • Two paddles, four balls.
  • Storage bag encourages kids to put their toys away!

Great Indoor Toys for Kids that are Kid-Tested and Parent-Approved!

Whether you're looking for a Christmas gift for kids or birthday gift for kids to play with indoors or even a great housewarming gift for friends with kids, you can't go wrong with any of these! If you've found other great toys or games for kids stuck at home, please comment about them down below and let us know what you like best about them!



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